Available as Software Only or as
A Complete Property Management Solution

Training & Onboarding

Centralized Call Center Support for
Resident Communications,
Leasing & Payments

Full Service
3rd Party Managment

Pair Simplifyy Platform with centrally managed administrative support to increase NOI and enhance the tenant experience.

Property management is a tough job, but with trained central employees supporting resident communications and leasing, it's easier than ever before. We can manage office workflows and processes to ensure that on-site employees are accountable for their actions. With expanded office hours and 24x7 coverage, our service is always available. We're here for you anytime you need us.

Take advantage of our entire suite of technology, central support services and complete 3rd party on-site management.

We've partnered with great property management companies that have implemented the Simplifyy software and approach.

Our full-service package takes care of everything your property needs. Third-party professional property management teams are trained in the Simplifyy technology platform and use an innovative approach to real estate management. With white-glove onboarding, we'll seamlessly transition your investment onto the Simplifyy platform and handle all aspects such as resident communication, data transfer and financial onboarding.

Simplifyy and 3rd party management partners deliver capabilities that you've never had before.

Marketing to Fill Vacancy

Never worry about lead generation again. Our automated system optimizes campaigns to consistently drive renters to your property, at no cost to you.

Your Property

Leveraging smart-lock technology and our centralized Resident Concierge Team, your property can lease units while your competitor's office is closed.

Lease Protection

Don't worry about your monthly cash flow, with Simplifyy, lease protection is standard at no cost to you protecting you against delinquency, eviction, and unit damage costs.

Smart Homes

Our Smart Home Integration allows us to service the full life cycle of a unit. We have you covered from self-touring to fire detection and leak protection.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team of highly-skilled maintenance professionals use increased data collected through Artificial Intelligence to optimize preventative maintenance. This results in smarter spending and optimized property value.

Standardized Pricing

Unlike property management, Simplifyy doesn't charge a percentage of revenue. Instead you pay one low flat-rate monthly fee for our service.

Resident Rewards

Retaining residents is our specialty and rewarding them for being a great partner is part of delivering customer satisfaction. Residents are incentivized for longevity, prompt payments and neighborly activity.

Revenue Management

We ensure that you are always getting the best rent pricing. Using algorithms that take into account surrounding vacancies and rental prices, we make sure you're maximizing your revenue.

Finance and Investor Management

Real-time asset performance and traditional financial management. Investors can view performance and cash flow based on ownership percentage.

Proactive Legal

We work to proactively minimize risk and exposure, while handling the day to day legal needs of your investment.

Resident Retention

When residents love where they live, they stay where they live. Simplifyy's 24/7 Resident Concierge Team provides needed communication on a resident's timeline. Our resident surveys and real time maintenance service scoring helps monitor the pulse of performance and resident satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

Turns/Make Ready with AI Analytics

Simplifyy utilizes 3D imaging to capture all before and after photos, standardized volume pricing, and high level quality control checks to handle all turnover/make ready needs. By capturing the real time condition and amenities of each unit, we deploy AI analytics to accurately forecast future expenditures.

Standardized Utilities

Partnering with nationwide utility partners allowing for reduced waste, consolidated billing, accurate resident collections and accurate accounting.

White-Glove Onboarding

Our Simplifyy Investor Success team is ready to seamlessly transition your investment onto the Simplifyy platform. We handle all aspects including Resident Communication, Data Transfer, Financial Onboarding, etc.

Data and Security

Protecting data and cyber security are paramount. Our secure environment has been created to exceed security of standard property management software and reduce risk.

AI Powered Accounting

Simplifyy eliminates waste by reducing payroll costs, automating manual data entry, and accurately reporting financial activity.

Real-Time Owner Reporting

Simplifyy brings real time reporting to your fingertips. Our Owner's App allows you to have up to date data on all operational and financial metrics.

Recurring Services

Managing for multiple investors across multiple geographic areas allows Simplifyy to leverage standardized bulk pricing across all recurring services.


Each community powered by Simplifyy comes with its own set of amenities and charm. Simplifyy will manage and monitor your shared amenity spaces and work to deliver added value to every community.

Mortgage, Tax, and Insurance

Your Simplifyy subscription helps reduce wasteful spending by vetting mortgage, tax, and insurance coverage and rates. We proactively search for best pricing, apply best practices with risk reduction methods and deliver better results.


Capital Expenditures become clear and concise with Simplifyy. Our Owner's App gives you insight to any work that needs completed, gives you up to date progress, and allows you to approve both scope and budget right from your mobile device.

Both Live Resident Concierge Members and AI Bot Technology

Communication is the key to Simplifyy success. Our unique messaging system allows us to leverage both live Resident Concierge members an AI bot technology to answer questions and resolve problems in real time 24 hours a day.

Online Rent Payment

Secure online rent payment methods allow residents convenience and makes the management of the process effortless.

Move In/Move Out Scheduling

We know moving is never a favorite thing to do, but with Simplifyy we take the hassle out of the scheduling. Our smart home systems allow us to facilitate moving in or moving out beyond the standard office hours.

Renter's App

In the age of automation, our renters have the ability to interact with their home, their community and their neighborhood. They can pay rent, submit work orders, coordinate activities and earn rewards.

Discover what sets Simplifyy apart.

Traditional Property
Fluctuating pricing based on a la carte services
Predictable pricingbased on a monthly subscription
fee that covers most services
Lost Leadswhen staff are not in the office
24/7 Leasingusing smart locks and other smart home technology
without complete accountability
Maintenance tracking provides transparency until the
problem is resolved successfully
that is labor intensive and inexact
PROVEN MARKETING quickly drives targeted leads
High turnover
costs you money in the form of
vacancies and make readies
A robust resident
retention program
analyzes surveys and other communications to minimize turnover altogether
Finances are scattered
across multiple systems and processes
Our Owner’s app
financials, performance data
and forecasting in real time