Close the Gap in Your Investment. Tap Into Ownership Profit.

November 19, 2020

Bill is a traditionalist. But Bill also knows that the old way of doing things in multi-family property ownership is costing him. When he found out the phone is his pocket could help close the hole in his investing wallet, he was ready to take the phone out and put the money back in. 

Multi-family investing and ownership is a complex endeavor. The challenges are often exacerbated by the outdated systems of traditional property management companies. Owners have to rely on managers to take care of the property and residents, but they lack insight into the day to day operations. That blind spot ends up costing owners not just in profits but in renter turnover and resident experience. 

Solutions are a simple tap away. 

Simplifyy is not a "traditional" property management company. And that’s good for owners, because it means more benefits like transparency, convenience and accessibility to renter data. Also, the combination of our cutting edge technology and 24/7 available, highly experienced asset and leasing managers maximizes the returns on property owners’ investments.  

Simplifyy is changing the relationship between owners and their properties through

  • More responsive and efficient communication using 24/7 live resident concierge services and chatbots.
  • Automated and customized property marketing.
  • AI optimized preventative maintenance, repairs, turns, and capex recommendations that are done right the first time.
  • Standardized pricing that generates more predictable income with a low flat rate per door.
  • Transparency via real-time views into property activities and finances.

That last point, transparency, is what drives the features of the recently released Simplifyy Owners App for iOS and Android. The first version of this mobile app already offers some exciting features for owners. Additionally, owners can access a global view and unit specifics in real time and in one place with just a few taps. 

Let’s walk through it. 

Version 1.0 of the Simplifyy Owner's App offers property owners important insight into the status of their properties via relevant data on locations, units, maintenance, residents, and an assortment of activities.

When first pulling up the app, the owner is taken to the portfolio page.  Here the owner can survey the high level summary of each property. By clicking on one of the properties, the owner moves to location view and can dig down into more specific details. 

In this example, the owner clicks on the Golden Reserves property to further examine the 95.3% occupancy rate.

This view gives the owner the opportunity to see specifics on individual units including unit type, occupancy status, base and market rent amount and current resident. Since success is in the details, we designed this app to give the owner an in-depth look across key areas of property management.

Let’s dive deeper into Unit 802. Here in the unit detail view, the app displays photos of the unit, the description, amenities and other leasing details including current resident and maintenance requests.

By clicking on activities, the owner has the opportunity to view leasing, prospect conversion, payments, maintenance requests and more in real time.

While in the activity page, owners can get additional information about the activity, view maintenance requests and see notes. This convenient storing of management records helps owners stay informed and in touch with their properties and residents.

The mobile app lists current maintenance requests with the resident and unit they are tied to, the technician that serviced them, and the notes about the requests. Solving maintenance requests in a timely and professional manner leads to resident retention and less money spent on turning a unit.

Navigating the app is designed for simplicity. Detailed pages can be accessed a number of different ways, and context-based click-throughs are available across the app. For instance, the owner can access the resident detail view from the maintenance request details or the unit details. Filters also allow the owner to zero in on the details of specific properties or see them all together.

Of course, with all this power and data comes the need for equally powerful security. The data on the backend is protected by Google Cloud and its global bar setting security protocols. The owner can choose to access the app through a traditional username and password or using their existing login with Apple or Google.

A straightforward way to success. 

We founded Simplifyy to solve the challenges multi-family owners face. Feedback from our owners is already driving more features in the development pipeline. More detail views and a section dedicated to financials are already in development. 

Does predictable profitability and property transparency sound like a direction you are ready to take? We would love the opportunity to show you how the Simplifyy system and Owner's App can make your multi-family investments everything you want them to be – more organized, more efficient and more cost-effective. 

Visit to learn more about the Owner's App and other ways Simplifyy can give you the insights you need to make the best investment decisions and improve your NOI. Let’s put the phone in your pocket to work for you.