Property Management Automation

January 22, 2021

My friend Matt frequents a local restaurant almost weekly. I asked him why he loves going there and he said in a very matter of fact way, “because they get it right every time, they know my name and it’s a welcoming atmosphere.”

How great would it be if that was how tenants spoke about your rental property? It is definitely achievable just maybe in a way you haven’t considered.

Shift to automation.

Although automation and artificial intelligence have been widely discussed across the multifamily property industry, there are still many owners who are hesitant. The reluctance, however, should not outweigh the growing benefits. Automation in property management is an intentional system designed to bring more efficiency and consistency across administrative tasks and a more enjoyable experience for the owner and residents.

Make time work for you.

Managing the operations of multifamily properties requires the close monitoring of a range of tasks and the individual needs of residents every single day. From leases to maintenance and everything in between, staff spend a copious amount of time pushing papers. Manual processes are also tedious, inefficient and have a bias towards duplication of tasks, higher variability and more opportunity for error.

Take for instance accounting, with the Simplifyy automation system invoices can be sent electronically and relevant information can be pulled out, coded automatically and entered directly into a financial system. This streamlined process eliminates redundancy and provides a clear picture of pending, paid and outstanding invoices. It’s time to ditch the paper trail, double paying and oversights that diminish your profits. Simplifyy delivers a more consistent and efficient management system that allows focus to be directed towards making residents’ lives better and optimizing the rental community experience.  

Manage from the front of the house.

For a long time, property management has focused on the arduous work of the back office. But that’s not what brings renters to your property nor does it retain them. Automation relieves the extremely labor intensive back office processes allowing you to redirect staff to higher value duties. Rather than completing mundane tasks or data entry, staff can focus on customer service, building connections with residents and creating community.  Because when people are happy, they stay longer.

Simplifyy’s concierge service is designed to interact with residents at any hour of any day.  So whether a renter is looking for a restaurant recommendation or wants to chat over morning coffee, they can easily reach out and find immediate correspondence and connection. Increasing engagement with tenants also improves renter satisfaction and increases loyalty to their property community.

Build a better resident experience.

Keeping a renter is easier than replacing them. When residents feel a part of their community and their needs are met, they remain where they are. With the Simplifyy software system, you can make residents’ lives better. Automation provides a consistent experience for the renter. They appreciate being able to enter a maintenance report at any hour or connect with a resident concierge regardless of the working hours of the property manager. Digitizing transactions like paying rent and renewing a lease in an effortless manner contributes to the convenience amenities renters are wanting and seeking.

Building a better renter experience starts before residents even occupy a unit. Particularly during this time, attracting new renters requires a user-friendly process that can be achieved without contact. Being able to find the property, view available units and correspond with a representative sets the tone for an easy and convenient experience. Satisfied renters are also the best marketing tools. They are more likely to share their experience with others seeking leasing recommendations. The investment in renter experience is worth its weight in keeping renters and attracting new ones.

Data driven decision-making.

Technology software generates the big data you need to be proactive and stay competitive. Having up-to-the-minute analytics of performance indicators like occupancy informs decisions about trends, risks and opportunities to improve asset performance. The difference between your current profits and your profit potential may be a simple move to automation.

Automation is changing the landscape of multifamily property management. Gone are the days of thumbing through files and paperwork. Successful property management in a changing market is achievable.

With Simplifyy’s automation software, data is centralized, easily accessible and can be retrieved with instant accuracy. As more and more owners shift to automation, the proof is in the profit margin and improved operational processes.

If you are ready to increase efficiency, boost profits and have your residents talk about your property like my friend Matt talks about his favorite restaurant, reach out to