Simplifyy Spotlight – Scott Gray

February 3, 2021

Scott Gray didn’t let joining Simplifyy at the beginning of a shutdown stop him from jumping right in to his role as Director of Construction and Maintenance.  

What made it even easier for him to join during this time was the excitement of being a part of a start-up and on the ground floor of a company revolutionizing an industry.

Scott oversees everything construction related for our properties. But his favorite thing about Simplifyy is the culture of connectedness, critical thinking and radical candor.

We are grateful he is a part of our team. Read more about Scott Gray and how Simplifyy truly stands out for him.

Scott Gray

Scott Gray


Director of Construction and Maintenance


March 2020

Why did you want to join Simplifyy?

It’s exciting to be on the ground floor of a start-up that is revolutionizing the property management industry.  After 7 years, I left my last company because I really believed in the vision that Jake and Paul shared with me and where they wanted to go with the company. Because Simplifyy fosters ingenuity and critical thinking, I knew I could jump in and bring my background in construction and experience of building teams and processes to get us closer to realizing the company’s goals.

How have you grown since starting at Simplifyy?

Simplifyy has a very open culture. They invite diverse ideas and different ways of thinking. Because of this, I’ve become more open to approaching things differently particularly when it comes to technology.  I’ve learned how to make things easier and more repeatable and in a sense I’ve learned how to work smarter.

In your role, what are you most passionate about?

Honestly, it’s delivering the best service we can. We are adding so much so quickly but there is no compromise in customer service. I want to make sure that whether we are rehabbing, renovating or repairing, we are doing it right and caring for the resident so they feel engaged in the process and completely satisfied. Because the better we do upfront, the less need for maintenance later. And though I love to hear from our residents, I tell them “I’m not hurt if you don’t call me,” because that means we’ve done our job well.

What do you appreciate most about Simplifyy?

I really appreciate the leadership. Having worked with my current supervisor Sara Chapman in the past, I believe in how she leads an organization and it’s been great to have that same confidence in all of the senior leadership. When you really feel like everyone has your best interest at heart, you work hard for their best interest too. I value the radical candor of the leadership and that they welcome honest conversations and feedback.

Where do you go to gain industry knowledge and insight?

The best way for me to learn something is to reach out to someone who knows how to do it.  I am also someone who does a lot of self-learning whether that’s reading books, trial by error and surrounding myself with people in the field and paying attention to what they are doing. I also believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. I think it has been the most efficient way for me to learn.  

Outside of Simplifyy, you are happiest when doing what?

Actually, it’s still somewhat connected to what I do for work. My background is in construction so I’m happiest when I’m building things and helping other people build things. For example, when I can help someone complete a project in their basement because I have knowledge on how to do it, I walk away with a rewarding sense of satisfaction.

What’s something on your bucket list?

Visit a secluded tropical location. I love to travel and see other cultures. I’ve enjoyed Hawaii and Iceland but I’d love to go somewhere a little more removed.  

Why Simplifyy?

Because the Executive Management team is invested in your success. Regardless of the role, they care about the person and their growth both professionally and personally. It’s nice to be a part of a company that is so open and connected.  That’s what really stands out for me.