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Increase Occupancy

Traditional marketing strategies can be labor-intensive and inexact. Simplifyy uses powerful automation to drive more qualified leads and automate most of the leasing process for you. We even employ smart locks and secure screening processes so you can lease around the clock. You’ll never miss out on a lead because your staff wasn’t in the right place at the right time. In fact, our process is proven to get 5x the quality leads through your doors. And with our proactive approach to resident retention, you’ll have fewer vacancies to fill in the first place.

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Turnover comes with all kinds of costs: marketing, utilities, staff time and maintenance costs associated with make readies. Simplifyy works to ensure residents feel heard and appreciated so they’re more likely to renew their lease. With Simplifyy, residents can communicate 24/7 about their concerns or needs with their unit or the property at any time. All conversations with residents are then logged and available to the Simplifyy team when working with a resident. This expedites the problem-solving process, preventing small issues from becoming reasons to move out.

Our advanced AI can even predict when a resident is likely to leave—based on data we gather like frequency of maintenance requests, decreasing timeliness of payments, and more. This enables us to reach out proactively to see what we can do to keep them in place.

Care for Your Property

At Simplifyy, we employ smart technology like leak and moisture sensors to prevent small problems from becoming disasters. We also provide 24/7 concierge support and 24/7 onsite, skilled professionals to handle all maintenance while also staying on top of acute and preventative maintenance needs. Everything is documented, tracked and optimized to provide accountability and keep you aware of it all. Our advanced AI can even predict how long individual appliances and fixtures will last so there’s fewer surprises along the way.

PREDICT PROFITAbility and protect revenue

Reacting to outdated data or trying to keep up with swings in the market can leave you steps behind. With our subscription model, costs like marketing and maintenance become fixed and your revenue becomes predictable. Our Owner’s App provides a window into your finances that you can access any time, any where.

At the same time, lease protection from Simplifyy removes the need for outdated deposits and our online payment platform helps you get your money faster. We even remove the need to manually enter bills, vetting them and ensuring accuracy in the process. It protects your bottom line and improves cash flow.

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