In The Age of Coronavirus Isolation, Simplifyy Offers Free Tool for Managers of Multifamily Properties to Work Remotely

March 23, 2020

KANSAS CITY, MO – Simplifyy, a tech company transforming multi-family property management has created a technology-first approach to solving challenges of investors/owners of multi-unit apartment complexes. With businesses unable to be on-site during Coronavirus isolation shut-downs, how is a property manager supposed to help their tenants? How can residents reach their community management? Simplifyy is offering their Sama software for FREE to multi-unit property investors.

Built exclusively for Multifamily Property Owners, Sama uses artificial intelligence for instant response functionality, accessed through any smartphone, that categorizes work requests (eg “my sink is clogged”), leasing inquiries, and general requests for better triaging. Sama allows residents to pose questions, suggestions, or complaints. Once received from residents, Sama sends a work request to the property manager’s email inbox allowing for notification and a quick response to residents in minutes, instead of hours, days or even weeks.

Simplifyy was founded by three Kansas City entrepreneurs. Paul Worcester, CEO, is a multifamily owner-operator. Technology guru Jake Lisby, President, has designed software for several tech companies. Russell Reitz, is an apartment/technology investor. Paul explained, “I had to find a better solution because I was getting so frustrated with information on my properties arriving forty-five days after the fact.  I realized that I was not able to maximize my profitability, so I tried to find a tech solution. Everything I found was based on the antiquated way of running a multi-family rental community. It wasn’t working for me (nor for my tech-savvy residents) so I reached out to Jake and we started from scratch to create a solution for properties that answered my need to have information on-demand, on my phone, so I can be anywhere, doing anything and check in on my investment and make on-the-spot decisions. My team could be responsive to residents 24/7 in real-time without having to staff a management office. It worked so well that I thought maybe other investors would want to have that kind of responsiveness option as well. I feel compelled to offer this tool for free to other property managers as we need to all work together to get through this current crisis.”

The Simplifyy team consists of tech executives, leasing geniuses, collection hawks, resident experience professionals, digital marketers, finance fanatics, and maintenance all-stars that make sure property owner’s investments get the attention they deserve. A property owner will be able to harness the power of this talented team to see how the Simplifyy process along with AI and revolutionary software can vastly improve the resident experience, give back to the community and grow property investor profits.

“Like Uber did for the ride-for-hire industry and Airbnb did for the short-term-space-rental industry, Simplifyy will be that answer for the multifamily property investor community,” enthused Paul.

For more information about Simplifyy and multi-family property management services, or to start a free trial visit or reach out to

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