With Covid-19 forcing property managers off-site, Sama, powered by Simplifyy, helps you serve your residents by providing 24/7 instant response to work requests.

Scroll down below to see how it works. Sama is FREE for multifamily property owners and operators.

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Work has been quickly disrupted, causing businesses to change.
MultiFamily Property Manager:
“How do I support my residents if my staff can’t be on site?”

Phone calls to residents will likely go unanswered or take hours, even days to respond.

Introducing Sama, powered by simplifyy.

Respond instantly, no matter where you are, 24/7

Built for Multifamily Property Owners

  • Uses artificial intelligence for instant response, Accessed through any smartphone
  • Categorizes work requests (eg “my sink is clogged”) for better triaging
  • Sends a work request to property manager’s email inbox
  • Response and notification happens in minutes
Sample maintenance request | 3 min response

Resident response and information collected without property manager present

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1. Create an Account

All we need is an email, area code and property name to get started. 

We will send you a welcome email with a local phone number that will access Sama.

You will give that number for your residents to use.

2. A Resident Calls or Texts In

Once a resident texts Sama using the local phone number provided by Simplifyy,  they’ll be prompted with an automated welcome message. 

With every text, Sama learns more about the resident’s requests and makes the interactions more relevant.

3. Sama handles the most common resident requests

Leasing Message: If the contact asks about leasing, Sama will ask for the following: contacts full name, specific unit type they’re interested in, and move in date.

Maintenance Message: If the contact asks to place a maintenance request Sama will ask the following. The contacts full name, address, description of the issue.

General Message: If the contact has a more general request, Sama will ask for their full name and the message they would like to send.

4. Email Output to the Property Manager

Once messages are recorded from contacts and residents, an email will come to your email inbox with their responses.