One solution for your property needs.

Your modern alternative to property management that guarantees transparency and cashflow.

Software-enabled property operations.

Dashboards to help visualize the cashflow and data of your multifamily investment.

One platform, everything you need.

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Property Health

Understanding the past, current, and future states of your investment.


A seamless prospect-to-resident path that helps ensure high occupancy at your property.

Owner Experience

Simplifyy is a software that helps your property operate better without any headaches.

Resident Experience

Ensure that you leave the right impression on every renter at every key interaction.

Actionable Data.
Property Visibility.
Unrivaled Accountability.

Simplify is an integrated property operation solution, utilizing smart home technology, automated systems, and fast maintenance to seamlessly optimize a property. We optimize property operations, reducing expenses and increasing cash flow. All while having dashboards on hand to help visualize the cash flow and data of your multi-family investment.

Multifamily Ownership Made Easy

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Simplifyy gives you the tools to be productive and revolutionize the way you manage your properties. Currently only in the Kansas City market.

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Applications and Leases

Our software communicates directly with your prospects to deliver applications and leases through text.

Smart Home Tours

Smart home technology and our software gives your prospects the autonomy to tour your test unit at any time

Maintenance Requests

Through the Simplifyy platform we give your tenants the ability to immediately place maintenance requests and have them quickly fulfilled.


Never miss a chance to assist your residents. With Simplifyy your residents will have access to our 24/7 support team to help answer their questions.

Campaign Messages

Connect with your residents quickly through text, email, and more. The Simplifyy platform makes it easy to keep everyone up to date on the latest news about your property!


Invoicing is made easier with Simplifyy because our system imports and documents every invoice that comes your way.

Rent Payment

Collect rent easily through the Simplifyy online rent payment system and never worry about collecting physical rent payments.


From 120-day notices up to the day the resident moves out, Simplifyy helps you create impactful communication.

Paul Worcester- Founder

Paul brings years of real estate experience to the Simplifyy team since leaving the company he co-founded in 2006, Worcester Investments. While with Worcester Investments, Paul's leadership helped push the company into the Inc top 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies between 2015-2019. With his rich background in fundraising, management, and sales, Paul helps Simplifyy connect with new Multifamily owners. In his free time, Paul enjoys walking, reading, pickleball and being around his wife Kiran and their two children Ali and Luke.

Jake Lisby - Founder

Jake is the technical mind behind Simplifyy, bringing years of self-taught development knowledge and experience building software for several tech companies to the team. His rich background spans entrepreneurship, business strategy, online marketing, design, and AI development for large companies like CISCO. Jake believes that the best entrepreneurs aren't the smartest person in the room; they are the ones who are humble, life-learners that surround themselves with the smartest people in their respective fields.

Russell Reitz - Founder

Russell is a long-time real estate/technology investor and founder/CEO of Xponential Tech Capital, LLC. Russell is a firm believer that the whole is greater than the sum of it's pieces and has the ability to see the bigger picture before everything comes together. He is highly motivated and loves to work with others that have the same drive he does. Outside of work, Russell enjoys spending time with his children on his 160-acre hobby farm, working out, woodworking, ceramics, and healthy cooking.